Let's protect the
internet, together.

Fighting cybercrime is not easy. We’re constantly pitted against other skilled hackers. We solve problems unconventionally, move fast, and create ‘tau’ for each other to constantly evolve and stay one step ahead. There are challenging problems and organized cybercriminals to fight, but the way we see it - life is too short to do stupid s**t for money ;). If our mission appeals to you, we should talk.

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Ataraxy - the greatest word
you've (probably) never heard of


At White Ops we strive for a culture of robust happiness – something the ancient Greeks used to call Ataraxy.

It’s a philosophy of total dedication to your task, and an understanding that challenges can be a source of deep happiness.

It is also a way of building harmonious relations with people and the avoidance of conflict where possible.

It’s the reason our foosball table just sits there and gathers dust. It drives a real love of what we do. We like our work. We like each other.

Our core values

Our six values have helped build our company from the very start.

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Some of our benefits


Unlimited vacation

We offer unlimited time off. As a White Ops employee, you can take the time you need, whenever you need it. Enjoy.

Learning & development

Everybody at White Ops receives an annual stipend towards personal development of their choice.


Health & wellness

We provide generous full health coverage for our people and their families. To us, nothing is more important.

Better workdays

We encourage a meeting-light culture, discourage crazy hours, and cater weekly breakfasts, lunches and game nights.


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