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Everyone's a hacker

You don't have to be a computer scientist or have broken into the Pentagon to be an hacker. Hackers solve problems in unconventional ways. You just have to speak up when things aren't right, evaluate ideas on their merits, and build things that fix what's broken. At White Ops we're all hackers, and we're focused on solving the hardest problems we can find.

Why you'll love working here

I have two goals for our future selves looking back at our time at White Ops: (1) to feel proud having spent years of the precious time and energy of our lives on this mission and (2) to be able to say: "The unique things that I learned and the ways that I developed at White Ops set me up for the awesome things I did next"

Michael Tiffany | Co-Founder and President, White Ops


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We have 15 open job opportunities.

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