We Keep it Human

We are the global leader in bot mitigation. We protect more than 200 enterprises—including the largest internet platforms—from sophisticated bots by verifying the humanity of nearly one trillion online interactions every week. The most sophisticated bots look and act like humans when they click on ads, visit websites, fill out forms, take over accounts, and commit payment fraud.

We stop them.

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How we fight fraud

Each day, we determine the validity of nearly 100 billion transactions to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. Our coverage spans the desktop web, the mobile web, mobile apps, and connected TV.


"We partnered with White Ops to scan every single impression - about 9 million a second - offered through our platform before we ever make a bid on it. With this partnership, we can prevent fraud before it occurs."


Jeff Green, CEO









"We thought we could handle this situation ourselves at P&G... but when we did an audit with White Ops, we found that we’re not good enough. The criminals are far better than we will ever be."


Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer