The Bot Baseline:
Fraud in Digital Advertising
Association of National Advertisers


We expected to find bogus websites with nothing but a bot audience,
but out of nearly 3 million websites covered in the study, mere thousands were completely bogus.
Most of the bots visited real websites run by real companies with real human visitors.
Those bots inflated the monetized audiences at those sites by 5-50 percent.
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Advertisers will lose $6.3B globally to bots in 2015

Applying the bot levels observed across our study to the estimated $40 billion spent globally on display ads and the estimated $8.3 billion spent globally on video ads.

Ad fraud gets home users hacked

Bot traffic comes from everyday computers that have been hacked. Over 67 percent of bot traffic observed in the study came from residential IP addresses.

Ad bots defeat user targeting

After infiltrating home computers with malware, the best way for cybercriminals to make real money from their victims is to install an ad bot.

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