Human verification will make advertising more effective.

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Human verification will improve inventory quality.

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Human verification will make attribution models better.

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Protect your business from automated fraud with Human Verification.

Automated fraud - things like ad fraud, identity stuffing, and fake engagement - have become a massive source of profits for cybercriminals (almost $10B in 2017 alone). As the stakes rise, cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, investing in their business like a legitimate corporation.

Today's businesses need a dynamic immune system for their web apps and digital media, one that adapts and changes just like their adversaries. White Ops' Human Verification Engine was built to detect - and defeat - the web's most sophisticated bots.

Real technology, real impact

Learn how businesses in your industry are using human verification to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve decision-making.


Increase marketing efficiency, preserve precious human reach, and filter downstream metrics/attribution.

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Improve the overall quality of your inventory, avoid costly false positives, and streamline your buying process.

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