bot-smithHow Does Fraud Get into Media?

An ad buy is affected by bot fraud if a supplier between the advertiser and the web site showing ads is sourcing bots or is the victim of someone else who is trying to game the system by making the audience appear larger than it actually is.

  • Audience targeting mechanisms

    Ads are served to bots that use stolen or spoofed cookies or user IDs to exploit:

    • Look-alike models
    • Cross-device targeting
    • Re-targeting
  • Bogus sites on networks and exchanges

    Ads are served through sourced Traffic to bots on bogus sites in long-tail, run of network (RON), and programmatic buys on:

    • Exchanges
    • Networks
    • Aggregation platforms
  • Real sites with bot visitors

    Ads are served to bots when publishers pay for visitors from a “botty” source, or if they partner with anyone doing so:

    • Traffic Sourcing (pay per click / visit)
    • Audience extension (usually a revenue share)

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