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White Ops for Ad Tech

The advertising ecosystem has been one of the most appealing targets for cybercriminals. With spend on digital advertising increasing each year and new channels constantly developing, the opportunities for fraudsters to profit are plentiful. White Ops is reducing these opportunities for ad fraud and working to restore trust and transparency to the advertising industry.

Ad Tech Platforms

White Ops has partnered with key industry players in the fight against advertising fraud, becoming the single source of truth for ad fraud in the market today.


Ad tech platforms using White Ops maximize their win rates and revenue potential by blocking ad fraud before the bid and delivering validated supply. Ad Tech platforms can identify which sources have generated IVT, and track blocked pre-bid IVT over time.


Fraudulent ads can be blocked pre-bid with a server-to-server integration. We evaluate each impression before it is auctioned in the real-time bidding (RTB) process. Our algorithm continually learns from the results of our global detection network to accurately predict the presence of botnets and invalid traffic.


Using White Ops, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) prevent pre-bid ad fraud in real-time, across all digital environments to deliver a better experience to advertisers.


Protect and

Grow Revenue

With White Ops, DSPs ensure the highest level of human-verified inventory and deliver more reliable results for advertisers. 


Minimize Clawbacks and Inefficiency

By preventing fraudulent behavior before the bid, DSPs avoid middle-man remediation conversations with suppliers and reduce clawback payments to advertisers.


Deliver a Seamless Experience to Brands and Clients

DSPs using White Ops remove the burden of fraud protection from clients to deliver a seamless experience for advertisers.

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SSPs use White Ops to prevent ad fraud before the bid, across all digital environments, to deliver a better experience to publishers and buyers.


Minimize Fraud to Ensure Clean Inventory to Buyers

Use White Ops insights to inform publisher partnerships and take action when necessary.


Reduce Downstream


Prevent fraud before the bid to avoid remediation conversations with publishers and DSPs.


Make the Internet Safer for Advertisers

Ensure that fraudulent supply doesn’t make its way to buyers.


White Ops works with leading advertisers and brands to ensure their ad dollars are being spent on real humans, not bots.


Advertisers can deploy White Ops detection tags within minutes via JavaScript, software development kit (SDK), or a 1x1 pixel for environments that do not accept JavaScript. Using the White Ops dashboard, Ad Tech platforms can identify which sources have generated IVT, and track blocked pre-bid IVT over time. Advertisers can also leverage White Ops Customer Success for best practices on how to reduce fraud across their campaigns.


Ensure your ad budget is being spent

to maximize engagement with real humans


Using White Ops, you can track fraud rates over time and understand where fraud is originating from to inform your supplier strategy


"By combining our own proprietary tools and processes with those of White Ops, and focusing on measurably superior outcomes, we can identify and avoid fraud and other undesirable activity, allowing our customers to focus on bettering the overall programmatic journey for the end user."


"We partnered with White Ops to scan every single impression - about 9 million a second - offered through our platform before we ever make a bid on it. With this partnership, we can prevent fraud before it occurs."


"We believe one dollar spent on a non-human viewer is one too many. We're excited to be integrating with White Ops to prevent that from happening."

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