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MediaGuard is an API that determines whether a real human is on the other end of your pre-bid programmatic advertising transaction. Block bots with the precision you need to eliminate ad fraud with confidence, all within the requirements of your company's programmatic stack.



See how a leading video platform reduced non-human traffic by 94% in a matter of weeks.
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Key Features


Directly challenges the device to accurately identify the presence of bots, no matter how well they mimic human behaviors or adjust tactics.

Global data center footprint

Supports billions of daily transactions around the world with latency that meets even the most stringent programmatic requirements.


Continuously iterates to reduce algorithm vulnerabilities. Proactively identifies new potential weaknesses, threat models, and incorporates into new signal collection and botprints.

Multi-level analysis

Collects and analyzes extensive collection of the device‚Äôs environment, behaviors, and network characteristics building a holistic picture that is much more difficult for a bot to evade.

Dynamic detection

Detection randomly changes tactics before the bot knows whether impression was blocked, making reverse engineering much more difficult.


TrueDomain determines the actual domain that was the source of the impression, preventing counterfeiting and bid-stream hacking schemes.

Bot ad impressions waste billions of dollars. White Ops helps vet publishers with industry leading supply side controls.
Frank Addante, Founder

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