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Precision bot prevention, delivered in milliseconds.

Minimizing the presence of bots without a real-time prevention solution is a massive undertaking. Bots are a moving target. Relying on detection alone, security and fraud teams are often forced to take reactive measures that work only temporarily. MediaGuard prevents bots and invalid traffic (IVT) across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and CTV environments in real time before an impression is served.

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Our approach to prevention

MediaGuard layers a super-fast predictive machine-learning algorithm on top of our detection methodology. Our algorithm continually learns from the results of the global FraudSensor detection network to accurately predict the presence of automated bots. We look at the session-level to gain more context into each impression opportunity instead of relying on list-based lookups and blacklists of suspicious IPs and code signaturesThe result: unprecedented accuracy, in real time.


Key benefits


White Ops Prevention reacts in real-time. This allows you to accurately block bots and pre-bid IVT without compromising the speed of your website and online operations. Our speed also means that you can alter the content you serve, or take action on the inbound client request.


Block invalid traffic, and only invalid traffic

White Ops blocks IVT only with absolute certainty. The result: over-blocking doesn’t occur as we don’t block good bots and humans. This means advertisers and publishers aren’t missing out on real opportunities. White Ops protects the Cost Per Human™ for our customers and partners.

Global scale at the speed of light

Some of today’s largest advertising platforms use White Ops to block hundreds of millions of IVT events every day. MediaGuard scales dynamically to your traffic and latency demands. Every day White Ops processes up to 150 billion decisions across 6 continents. With data centers across the globe, every customer has access to fast, local connection no matter where they are located. 



A simple, powerful API

MediaGuard is built on a low latency REST API for server-to-server integrations. Each header associated with an impression is evaluated by MediaGuard before it is auctioned in the real-time bidding (RTB) process. Every request references our global detection cloud and uses predictive analytics to identify a bot in a matter of milliseconds.

(sample python code)

Additional Capabilities


"Every dollar moving through the Dealer.com platform should have a human on the other side. Our integration with MediaGuard has allowed us to ensure our client’s investments are being spent in the most efficient, effective way possible."


Scott Blodgett, Product Manager - Advertising



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