Marketing Integrity

Protect your marketing initiatives and budget from bots

Your website is a target for sophisticated bots. Just by visiting your website, bots can imitate human behavior to fill out forms, and skew your overall marketing metrics. When bots go undetected, they impact your marketing metrics and drain time and resources from your sales and marketing teams. Identify where the bots are coming from and stop wasting expense and effort following up with them.

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How today’s bots challenge marketers

Today’s marketers are spending more money and resources than ever to drive website traffic, generate leads, and convert leads into new customers. With this increase in spending, though, comes an increase in fraudulent activity trying to carve out a piece of that spending for the criminals behind it. Today’s sophisticated bots visit websites, fill out forms, and skew your overall marketing analytics. When bots go undetected, marketers experience lower conversion rates, wasted spend, and difficulty assessing the true impact of campaigns.





Keep marketing human

White Ops Marketing Integrity delivers significant, tangible results on protecting digital marketing budgets and initiatives from bots. A recent project examined more than 544 million pageviews over a three-month span, and found that some form/data collection pages had bot traffic rates of over 40%.

Using the cost-per-acquisition rates that were provided by the project partners, White Ops estimates that more than $30 million was lost to sophisticated bot traffic in only three months.

Real-time intelligence to optimize marketing systems

The biggest challenge to detecting today’s bots is that the bots are constantly changing. CAPTCHAs and basic web solutions may detect known, basic bots, but sophisticated bots are able to easily bypass them. White Ops for Marketing Integrity is built on our multilayered detection engine to detect even the most sophisticated and dynamic bots with unprecedented accuracy.





How customers are using Marketing Integrity


A luxury auto client uses Marketing Integrity to detect bot activity on campaign landing pages and optimize its marketing and retargeting systems.

A leading insurance company relies on White Ops to help identify fraudulent form fills to protect its agents from wasted time and potential TCPA fines.

Benefits of Marketing Integrity

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