White Ops FraudSensor

Detect sophisticated, advanced bots.

Today’s bots imitate human behavior to make even the biggest botnets look lifelike and convincing. Now more than ever, robust bot detection systems are needed to distinguish humans from sophisticated bots. FraudSensor delivers real-time, deep visibility into activity from humans, good bots, and malicious bots across multiple dimensions.

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Our approach to detection

Traditionally, bot defense has relied on finding anomalous behaviors—patterns that simply don’t look human. This worked in the past because, while humans tend to follow normal distributions, bots behave, well, like robots. For example, bots would visit the same page thousands of times for the same duration from the same IP address in a data center.

Today, bot developers are able to closely mimic human behavior. The methods that worked in the past to catch all kinds of bots will only catch the laziest bots today.


White Ops employs a multilayered detection approach to provide accurate and comprehensive detection of even the most sophisticated bots. This approach consists of:

  • Technical Evidence: We probe the device to gather data on the network, device, software, application, and user configuration to detect evidence of compromise. The way we probe a device changes hourly, making it difficult for adversaries to evade or reverse-engineer our detection.
  • Machine Learning: We analyze thousands of data points collected across trillions of transactions to predict malicious behavior, enabling us to provide a high level of accuracy, even when there is limited technical evidence.
  • Global Threat Intelligence: White Ops Threat Intelligence analysts proactively hunt for new threats on the Internet, attributing threats to specific botnet operators, campaigns, and other threat actors. The White Ops global research team specializes in threat hunting, malware reverse engineering, and threat modeling.
  • Continuous Adaptation: We continuously adapt, creating thousands of markers and hundreds of algorithms. Our speed to identify and build new detection mechanisms means we stay ahead of the adversary more than other bot detection solutions that are built on fixed detection mechanisms.



Key benefits

Global visibility & accuracy

Already deployed on many of the world’s largest advertising platforms, White Ops provides visibility into a significant portion of Internet traffic. Our global detection sensors process more than a billion new events each day. White Ops protects the Cost Per Human™ for our customers and partners.


Actionable reporting & data visualization

The White Ops dashboard presents a real-time summary report of domain, campaign, placement-level, and custom parameters you can define. Furthermore, the dashboard is built so that you can quickly understand and explore the data without needing to constantly download spreadsheets.



How FraudSensor works

FraudSensor delivers the White Ops detection payload on every transaction across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and CTV environments to detect malicious bot activity. You can easily deploy FraudSensor via JavaScript tag, software development kit (SDK), or 1x1 pixel for environments that do not accept JavaScript.




Additional capabilities



"We thought we could handle this situation ourselves at P&G... but when we did an audit with White Ops, we found that we’re not good enough. The criminals are far better than we will ever be."


Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer





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