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Today’s bots can imitate human behavior like never before. Fraudsensor puts bots under the microscope of deep scrutiny by directly investigating each individual transaction, giving your organization unparalleled visibility into bot activity across your digital advertising or web application. And with a simple JavaScript implementation, you can be up and running in an afternoon.

JavaScript Tag

Go deep. Then go even deeper.

Our JavaScript payload deeply investigates each individual transaction for technical evidence of automation. Differences in code, performance characteristics, and thousands of other data points are tested on every transaction and feedback is withheld to suppress efforts to reverse engineer.



A real-time bot warning system.

FraudSensor’s near real-time data exploration helps identify root sources of fraud in minutes. See a comprehensive time-series overview of the non-human traffic, and analyze log-level details for every individual decision, drilling down by a number of dimensions.


Simple Deployment

Deploy in minutes. Fight bots for a lifetime.

Getting FraudSensor up and running couldn’t be simpler. The JavaScript tag can be directly implemented in any tag manager and has been battle-tested across billions of daily transactions. FraudSensor runs asynchronously, so it won’t negatively impact latency on your application. Once the tag begins firing, you receive rich reporting in minutes.




Additional features

We thought we could handle this situation ourselves at P&G...but when we did an audit with White Ops, we found that we’re not good enough. The criminals are far better than we will ever be.
Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer

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