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Scalable bot detection and reporting give you unprecedented visibility into the sources of fraud in your digital advertising and web application.
We thought we could handle this situation ourselves at P&G...but when we did an audit with White Ops, we found that we’re not good enough. The criminals are far better than we will ever be.
Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer

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  • Dashboard
  • Impact Assessment Summary
  • Data Explorer
  • Reports & Exports
  • Get a real-time overview of the non-human traffic undermining your campaigns. The summary view ensures you can quickly identify -- and neutralize -- any instances of ad fraud.


  • The charts shows which sources are contributing most to non-human traffic. You can customize to see fraud hotspots based on provider, campaign, domain, and more. 


  • See something suspicious? Since FraudSensor analyzes and stores data on every individual impression, it’s easy to uncover the source of the fraudulent traffic. Save useful views for easy reference in the future.


  • Once the source of the non-human traffic has been flagged, it's time to neutralize the threat. Export the detailed reports to blacklist domains or bring the fraud to the attention of a publisher.  


See how a leading CPG advertiser reduced fraud by 86% with White Ops FraudSensor.
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Botprinting detection

Botprinting technology directly challenges the device to accurately identify the presence of bots, no matter how well they mimic human behaviors or adjust tactics.

Data explorer

Intuitive tools to manipulate your data to see the most meaningful views. Connect any of our metrics with passed data (Campaign ID, Placement ID, etc.), add filters, and identify key sources of fraud.

Transaction level export

Export large data sets to be ingested by external systems or combined with other data sets for further analysis.

Data sharing

Share findings with your customers and suppliers in order to better manage fraud prevention policies without extra work.

Algorithm hardening

Continuous process to reduce algorithm vulnerabilities. Proactively identifies new potential weaknesses, threat models, and incorporates into new signal collection and botprints.


TrueDomain determines the actual domain that was the source of the impression, preventing counterfeiting and bid-stream hacking schemes.

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