Advertising Integrity

Your ads should be seen by humans. Not bots.

Over the past two years, spending on digital advertising initiatives has jumped more than a quarter, according to recent research we conducted with the ANA. Advertisers are finding exciting opportunities to reach their audiences on connected TV, mobile apps, and native. But with every new destination for advertisers comes a wave of fraudsters looking to grab their piece of the pie.

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As bots become more sophisticated, we get smarter

Our research indicated that losses due to ad fraud would reach $5.8 billion worldwide in 2019.
An enormous proportion of that loss can be resolved by taking sophisticated bots out of the ecosystem. Developers have gotten smarter and bots have gotten more human-like, changing their patterns and habits to evade detection. That’s why Advertising Integrity uses machine learning to detect and prevent bots, even as they evolve.

The scale of the bot problem in advertising

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In 2019, fraudsters are going to steal more than $5.8 billion from advertisers through sophisticated bot traffic. White Ops and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) recently published the fourth edition of the Bot Baseline Report, which outlines how bots accomplish this fraud, how we came to that number, and how your organization can fight back. You can read an executive summary of the report here, or download the full report to learn more.



Keep advertising human

White Ops Advertising Integrity is deployed through a JavaScript tag or a 1x1 pixel, offering advertisers real-time visibility and active protection against malicious bot activity regardless of medium: desktop, mobile app, mobile web, and CTV platforms are all protected. Our detection tags execute asynchronously, meaning that there is no impact on site load times or performance.

We protect in real-time

By leveraging a low latency REST API, advertisers can block fraudulent traffic in real-time, before the bid. White Ops gains context into each impression - we don’t rely on list-based lookups, blacklists of suspicious IPs, or code signatures. Instead, we look at the session-level of each impression and reference our global detection knowledgebase to identify fraud within milliseconds. We don’t block traffic unless we’re absolutely sure it’s fake, so the humans you want to see your ad will see it, and only the sophisticated bots will get shut down.


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How customers are using Advertising Integrity


The leading programmatic platforms use White Ops Advertising Integrity to scan every impression and prevent fraud before a bid is ever placed, in real-time, across all digital environments.

Global brands and platforms use White Ops Advertising Integrity to verify and eliminate non-human and fraudulent interactions with its messages within all digital environments.

Benefits of Advertising Integrity

  • Technical Evidence: We probe the device to gather data on the network, device, software, application, and user configuration to detect evidence of compromise. The tactics we use to probe a device change hourly, making it difficult for adversaries to evade or reverse-engineer our detection.
  • Machine Learning: We analyze thousands of data points collected across trillions of transactions to predict malicious behavior, enabling us to provide a high level of accuracy, even when there is limited technical evidence.
  • Global Threat Intelligence: White Ops Threat Intelligence analysts hunt for new threats on the Internet, attributing threats to specific botnet operators, campaigns, and other threat actors. The White Ops global research team specializes in threat hunting, malware reverse engineering, and threat modeling. 
  • Continuous Adaptation: We continuously adapt, creating thousands of markers and hundreds of algorithms. Our speed to identify and build new detection mechanisms means we stay ahead of the adversary.
  • Predictive Engine: All of the insights we gather from the more than one trillion transactions we observe every week are fed into our predictive algorithm, which makes a decision in real-time about the likelihood of a target’s humanity. The decisions this algorithm makes incorporates information collected from every part of the White Ops network of customers - making each decision exceptionally well-informed.

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