White Ops Product Overview

Bots never stop.
Neither do we.

Today’s malicious bots can impersonate human behaviors, adapt, and evade conventional detection. So White Ops goes deeper, investigating every single transaction for deep technical evidence. We call this process “Human Verification” and it provides the accuracy, adaptability, and flexibility needed to beat today’s most elusive bot threats.

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Welcome to the imitation game.

Bots used to be easier to spot because they worked in a machine-like fashion, totally unlike the humans they intended to imitate. Today, more than 75% of bots reside on residential computers and perfectly imitate human behaviors by stealing the devices’ cookies, browsing times and IP addresses. As a result, traditional defenses are no longer effective.



The White Ops approach

White Ops takes a multilayered approach that allows us to detect sophisticated bots with unprecedented accuracy — all without compromising anyone’s experience on the web.



Technical Evidence

We probe the device to gather data on the  network, device, software, application, and user configuration to detect technical evidence of compromise. White Ops has a global knowledge base of 7+ years of technical evidence data which allows us to reference a large data set to continually improve and build new markers, as well as work with partners and law enforcement to bolster investigations and research.

Machine Learning

We analyze thousands of data points collected across trillions of transactions to predict malicious behavior, enabling us to provide a high level of accuracy, even when there is insufficient technical evidence.

Global Threat Intelligence

White Ops Threat Intelligence analysts proactively hunt for new threats on the Internet, attributing threats to specific botnet operators, campaigns, and other threat actors. The White Ops Global research team specializes in threat hunting, malware reverse engineering, and threat modeling.

Continuous Adaptation

White Ops has continuously adapted over the last 7+ years, creating thousands of markers and hundreds of algorithms. Our speed to identify and build new detection mechanisms means we stay ahead of the adversary more than other solutions that are built on fixed detection mechanisms. It also minimizes the window of possibilities an adversary has to defeat us before having to spend even more resources and innovation to try and defeat us yet again.

Flexible deployment methods fit your use case and technology stack.