White Ops Mobile Fraud Protection

With money being poured into mobile advertisements, fraudsters have followed. White Ops prevention and detection ensure that mobile platforms have real human engagement.

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Fraud is increasingly prevalent on mobile platforms

In 2019, the average time spent per day with mobile devices by U.S. adults will surpass that of TV. As advertisers pour more and more money each year into mobile platforms, criminals have followed. In particular, mobile video CPMs remain high, making it attractive for fraudsters looking to maximize the returns of crime.


Common threats on mobile devices include:

  • App spoofing: apps that pretend to be a premium legitimate app in order to steal ad dollars.
  • Hidden ads: apps that run even when the app/phone is not in use and load ads in the background.
  • Ad stacking: multiple ads that are layered on top of each other in a single ad placement.  

The White Ops approach to mobile fraud prevention

White Ops prevents and detects fraud in mobile web and app environments in real time through  JavaScript-based and SDK-based signal collection. The White Ops platform allows for reporting on mobile fraud rates, including breakdowns of Operating System, App ID, and Detected App ID, in order to better understand the sources of fraud within mobile ecosystems.

mobile screenshot

Each day, White Ops gains visibility into more than 40,000 apps on the Google Play and iOS stores to prevent and detect fraudulent activity. White Ops detects all threats included in the IVT taxonomy published by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG).

General Invalid Traffic Sophisticated Invalid Traffic
 known data centers  automated browsing
 crawlers  false representation
 irregular patterns  misleading user-interface
   manipulated behavior
  undisclosed classification 
  undisclosed use of incentives

Key benefits

White Ops has accreditation from the Media Rating Council for detecting sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) within Display and Video Impressions for mobile web and applications.

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