The Methbot Operation

How we worked with TAG and the IAB Tech Lab to stop Methbot’s ability to profit, industry-wide.
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What is Methbot?

$3 Million to
$5 Million

in counterfeit inventory per day

Controlled by a single group based in Russia and operating out of data centers in the US and Netherlands, this “bot farm” generated $3 to $5 million in counterfeit inventory per day by targeting the premium video advertising ecosystem. 

Our Objective

Our objective was to stop the monetization of Methbot. As White Ops was only able to analyze data directly available through our customer base, the true financial impact to the greater advertising ecosystem is still unknown. Therefore, we released our findings to the public so everyone can help us achieve this objective and protect themselves from this threat.

Read the Methbot paper > 

What you can do

Our intention is that all marketers and tech platforms can take additional and immediate protective action with this information. We hope the public release of our research and findings will result in a rapid end to this criminal enterprise as White Ops remains on constant watch for new threats on the horizon. You may also access the results of our research including: 


Falsified domain list and full URL list to show the magnitude of impact this operation had on the publishing industry – these publishers were impersonated and deprived of revenue opportunities because of this operation. Methbot for advertisers, their agencies, and platforms to block. This is the fastest way to shut down the operation’s ability to monetize.