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Travel sites have become prime targets for malicious bots and cybercrime. Fraudsters are able to use these bots to steal valuable customer, product, and pricing information. As these bots look more and more human, they can evade traditional detection and appear to look like real human travelers. To detect these sophisticated bots, travel companies should work with a bot detection company that looks beyond simple behavioral patterns.

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As more bookings happen online, travel companies need to be careful about attracting more than human visitors to their websites. In the past year, the number of attacks on these businesses grew by 30%. Malicious bots perform account takeovers to drain customer loyalty points, scrape prices to share with competitors and OTAs, and even skew look-to-book ratios. To combat these threats, travel companies need a new form of bot defense.

Travel and hospitality companies use White Ops to investigate each transaction to determine whether there is a human or bot on the other end. This detection approach ensures that even sophisticated bots are detected before they can inflict any damage.
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Our business success relies on driving conversions of booked hotel rooms. We need advertising campaigns that reach our target audience at the time when they’re most likely to convert. Serving advertising on non-human inventory means missed opportunity.

Amy Bartle, Director of Integrated Media

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