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E-commerce has left the retail industry particularly vulnerable to attacks from sophisticated bots that are able to steal, skew, and scrape without a retailer ever realizing. If left unchecked, these actions will reduce revenue and erode customer satisfaction. To defeat these bots, retailers need a form of bot defense that is as sophisticated as the adversary.

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As more and more transactions happen online, retailers need to be cautious of the damages done by malicious bots on e-commerce sites. The amount of sensitive payment and transaction data available has encouraged cybercriminals to develop sophisticated bots that can perfectly emulate humans and avoid traditional detection techniques. These bots commit all sorts of crimes -- ranging from account takeovers and web scraping to gift card fraud and skewing key metrics like cart abandonment rate. 

“The 2017 peak retail season will likely see a continuation of the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) employed by cybercriminals in previous years, with varying degrees of intensity and some innovations.”
Retailers need a form of bot defense that looks beyond traditional behavioral detection and doesn’t put the burden of proof on their customers. White Ops offers the most sophisticated and accurate detection by deeply investigating each transaction for signs of automation. Our Human Verification technology runs the transaction through hundreds of tests to ensure there is a human on the other end of the action.
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