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Today, nearly 90% of office-based physicians in the United States use some form of electronic health records or medical records. While these EHR/EMR can provide coordinated and effective care, they are also a source of valuable financial details and personal identifiable information to determined cybercriminals. In fact, the healthcare industry was the second most targeted by cybercriminals in 2016. As more of the healthcare industry becomes digitized, there is a greater need for defense against automated threats than ever before.

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The healthcare industry has become a prime target for cybercriminals over the past few years. As the industry undergoes a digital transformation, key information like financial details, account credentials, and health records has come online. Cybercriminals, using bots that imitate real humans, infiltrate these systems and steal this valuable data, amounting to over 750 data breaches just last year. To defend against these attacks, healthcare organizations need a new type of bot detection technology.

“Privacy, Security and Cybersecurity” is second in priority only to “Patient Safety”
for hospitals in 2018.
Healthcare IT professionals use White Ops to defend against even the most sophisticated bots. Our technology investigates every transaction so you can accurately identify whether there is a human or a bot on the other end of the device.
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