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Cybercriminals have long sought to hack into financial services institutions to steal the data and dollars of customers. The problem has become worse recently as these cybercriminals employ sophisticated bots that can effectively impersonate human activity. These malicious bots are able to avoid traditional detection techniques and pose serious threats.

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Financial services companies are some of the most-targeted businesses by cybercriminals because of their direct access to the money. In fact, last year there were over 40,000 banking Trojan botnets detected last year. While these institutions have always taken security seriously, threat actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated in recent years and are now using advanced bots that can evade traditional detection. The result has been an increased number of incidents -- nearly 600 last year -- jeopardizing millions of financial records. To mitigate these new threats, a specialized form of bot detection is needed that easily integrates with other defenses. 

"There are two kinds of financial services firms:
those that have faced a cyberattack and those that will."

Instead of relying on traditional, anomaly-based detection, White Ops investigates each transaction for signs of automation. This tailored, investigative approach ensures that there is a human on the other end of every transaction and mitigate denial of service attacks, business integrity threats, and more.

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