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The combination of valuable information and easily-joined networks make higher education institutions popular targets for cybercriminals. In fact, there were nearly 300 incidents in 2017 alone. To protect against these crimes, universities need to deploy a bot mitigation solution that protects against the most sophisticated attacks.

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Universities have become a major draw for cybercriminals. Not only do these institutions store valuable financial and personal information about their students and faculty, but the data is difficult to protect because of the sheer number of personal devices that regularly join the network. This balance of accessibility and security is a difficult one to strike, making traditional perimeter defense tactics less effective. Cybercriminals know it, too -- that’s why education is one of the most targeted industries by hackers.

Attacks on universities have mixed motives: Financial (70%), Espionage (20%), Fun (11%).

Education IT professionals use White Ops to get reporting and mitigation of malicious bot activity. Because the White Ops technology analyzes each transaction instead of overall behaviors, it provides the most accurate defense with limited false positives.

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