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White Ops is ensuring that the future of CTV platforms is trustworthy and independently validated.

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Fraud on CTV platforms

Connected TV (CTV) platforms are TVs connected to the internet through built-in internet capability or through another device such as a Blu-ray player, game console, or set-top box.

By 2021, nearly half of dollars spent in programmatic advertising will be on video. Accordingly, spend on CTV platforms will increase significantly. As was the case with desktop and mobile platforms, a rise in spend on CTV may be followed with a spike in fraudulent activity.


Today's fraud models for CTV platforms are similar to mobile devices. They include:

  • Device impersonation: fake devices that masquerade as legitimate to request ads and impressions
  • App spoofing: a fraudulent app spoofing itself by sending a different bundle ID than its own
  • Device farms: similar to click farms, device farms generate fraudulent activity. Since CTV apps are not meant to be mobile, it can be easier to create device farms

The White Ops approach to CTV fraud prevention

A lack of industry standards on devices, apps, and ads require innovative detection approaches to identify fraud on CTV platforms. Instead of applying a blanket approach to detection, our team of dedicated CTV security researchers helps create specific algorithms to identify device, OS, and network level characteristics that give us visibility into fraudulent activity.

Today, we observe 100+ billion requests on CTV platforms each month across 15 different platforms.

White Ops detection on CTV platforms provides visibility into the following types of IVT as classified by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG):

General Invalid Traffic Sophisticated Invalid Traffic
 known data centers  automated browsing
 crawlers  false representation
 irregular patterns  misleading user-interface
   manipulated behavior
  undisclosed classification 
  undisclosed use of incentives

Want to know more about how White Ops works to protect the Connected TV ecosystem? Download our white paper to learn about common threats to CTV and the White Ops approach to detecting and preventing them.

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