Fake names can have real consequences.

Fake contacts in your marketing automation, CRM, or DMP are more than just a minor annoyance. Those names and contacts may be the result of marketing fraud, submitted by bots that are siphoning your marketing budget and creating email deliverability and regulatory compliance issues.

Marketing fraud is preventable, though. Read more about what marketing fraud is and how to stop it.

A report from White Ops and DIGIDAY takes a look at marketing fraud:


What it is, what it looks like in the wild (including a case study from a luxury automaker), and how to stop it. Download the report from DIGIDAY/White Ops.

marketing fraud marketing fraud

WTF is Marketing Fraud?

DIGIDAY and White Ops teamed up to publish a new report on the threats associated with marketing fraud. The report includes a case study from a luxury automaker and explores the causes and significant effects of marketing fraud on a marketer's budget.

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