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What is Ad Fraud?

Advertising fraud is one of the most expensive problems facing marketers today. A staggering $6.5 billion will be lost to this cybercrime in 2017 alone. The fraud has eroded trust in the integrity and efficacy of the digital advertising channel. If advertisers want to put a stop to the ad fraud problem, they need to truly understand what it is and why it’s become such a popular form of cybercrime

A $6.5 Billion Problem

For the third year in a row, White Ops and ANA have partnered to measure bot fraud in the digital advertising ecosystem. In this latest study, 49 ANA member companies participated. Their digital advertising activity between October 2016 and January 2017 was analyzed, with the concentration of activity in November and December.  

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How to Find Fraud Hotspots in Your Inventory

It is a common misconception that ad fraud attacks every campaign equally. But, this isn’t the case. Instead of skimming a small percentage off the top of all campaigns, cybercriminals target very specific campaigns. Marketers need to be vigilant against these attacks and find the fraud “hotspots.”

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PMPs Aren't Actually Immune to Fraud

Private marketplaces (PMPs) have secured their place in the adtech ecosystem over the past five years. These exclusive exchanges offer the benefits of both direct buys and programmatic pipes with little downside -- as long as you can secure an invitation. But, like the rest of the advertising ecosystem, fraud is creeping into PMPs at an alarming pace.

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