Because if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.


Be a Hacker

Innovate without regard to convention. Tinker to learn how things really work. Experiment, experiment, experiment, experiment and share what you've learned.

Create Tau

Work hard to make it easy. Be a toolmaker and a bridge-builder. Empower others. Find the levers for disproportionate impact. 

Move Fast

Move fast at step zero. Unblock yourself. Move forward in the face of imperfect information and uncertainty. Accelerate others.

Practice Humility

Be self aware. Listen first to understand. When you win, be humble and play the next game. When you don’t, be humble and play the next game.

"Pwn It"

Deliver the results you said you'd deliver. Demand excellence from yourself. Find the gaps and help fill them.


Be Good

When you have the opportunity to tip the balance in the world in favor of good, do it. Use your power responsibly.